Misty Monday

Soon enough, our quiet weekend had passed. Monday morning was upon us. As we looked out over the farm, the myriad of water droplets suspended in the air reflected the early morning sun into infinite directions. After our warming porridge with brown sugar breakfast, we followed Jan through the thick mist, clinging to our clothes and feeling cold against our exposed skin, to the herb beds for our first tasks of the day.

As we approached the beds, their lovely fragrance welcomed us, perhaps accentuated by the dampness of the day. Firstly, we were to weed the rosemary bed of the grasses and other sporadic weeds that had found their way in amongst the tall stalks of glorious scent. Lilly was there with us as a constant “helper”. As we methodically weeded, the farm’s black cat suddenly appeared from the middle of the bed. It was most certainly the place to be.

With mist continuing to hang heavy in the air, we worked through the weeds and moved to the next bed where the mint needed to be trimmed down to one-inch stems and any weeds pulled from the bed, as well. Most of the mint had already been harvested or had wilted, so the bed was not entirely as pungent as the others, but we did find a few sprigs that filled our noses with the familiar tingle.

The next bed was full of an enticing sage, plump and aromatic, leaving us to consider a new cologne creation for K as we passed it over, as it needed no maintenance at the time. The next bed, however, needed to be cleared entirely of all of its expired plants and the weeds that had made their way there.

Once this last bed of our assigned three was clear, we circled back to the rosemary to lay some dung onto the soil around the plants. K made quick work of filling the wheelbarrows and we forked the manure around the edges and in between the plants, giving them extra nourishment and minerals. After two and a half wheelbarrows, we had put in a couple of hours of work and were ready for more, so we went to find Jan.

Back to the same line of beds we went with our host, but beginning from the other end. We now set about weeding around the garlic chives in the first bed on this end of the row. From the next bed, K transplanted two more phlox to the bed he’d grouped phlox in on Friday. The third bed was full of bronze fennel, which needed to be trimmed to only a few inches high to make room for the new growth already sprouting from the centre and the entire bed thoroughly weeded.

We stopped after another couple of hours for a quick cheese sandwich lunch and then made our way back to the final bed of the day, which needed to be cleared of all weeds and expired plants, leaving only seeds and seedlings there from the cornflower. This time, Pickle was our constant companion, offering much advice on weeding techniques and opportunities to smooth her, whilst perching in the first direct sunlight of the day.

Once we’d swept up and disposed of the last of the weeds and plants onto the compost and could see clear pathways once again, we put the tools of the day away and headed back to the annex. After our usual walk of the lanes, we enjoyed a pasta dinner before relaxing the night away, content with our progress and accomplishments for the first WWOOF day of the WWOOF week.

Loving Simplicity