A Little More About Us

About Us Image 131211 -2Rachel and Kevin Price, until very recently, have worked for many years in mainstream employment. Rachel was a Product Manager and had worked with FIS for nearly 15 years. Kevin worked with a number of organizations in the IT sector,  most recently being self-employed in computer and small business technology support.  Amongst many other things, we share a deep love of nature and a strong wish to live a simple, harmonious life.

Having spent much time abiding in  a world filled with obsession and excess, every day our appreciation increased for living in harmony with nature and with one another.  We had come to value the true worth that such a way of living can bring.  In June of 2013, we finally decided it was time to start building the life we have long dreamed of…

It is our wish to one day have a smallholding of our own and live as self-sufficiently as possible, with enough space and time to help and teach others to do the same.

Like so many people nowadays, we  are lacking the knowledge and practical skills needed to support a more sensible and sustainable life.  So, we decided to first educate ourselves by spending at least 6 months gaining experience working on farms and smallholdings.  At the start of September, we left behind Rachel’s native US and moved to Kevin’s native UK, to begin building our new life.

Loving Simplicity