Welcome to Our Site

This is a chronicle of our journey from the corporate world returning to a simple life.  Not only did we feel it would be useful for us to catalogue the information that will be vital to our survival in the future, but we also hope that by sharing, we may be able to help a few more people embark on a more harmonious way of living… or perhaps you’ll just appreciate the human story. Either way we hope you enjoy the site!

Our story begins with a ten day holiday in the UK before we start our actual WWOOFing adventure on 9th September.

Please do note, we are very much beginners at the moment, so take time to check the information you may glean from these pages for yourselves! If you have any suggestions or comments , or would like to connect in any way please do contact us, we’d love to hear from you.

Very best wishes,

Rachel and Kevin

Loving Simplicity